Job Description and Duties


Yarmouth Recreation


Facilities Supervisor




Recreation Director

Hours of Work:

Evenings and weekends, or as required


The facility supervisor is a front-line position. He/she shall be directly responsible to the Recreation Director.  Yarmouth Recreation has made Community Use arrangements with school facilities, during which times we are responsible to provide supervision of these facilities during community-sponsored activity. At the present, two such facilities exist:

  • Maple Grove Education Centre
  • Meadowfields Community School
  • Yarmouth Elementary School
  • Carleton School
  • Port Maitland School


Below is a detailed outline of the responsibilities of the facility supervisor.

Opening the School

  1. Responsible to show up 30 minutes before the first scheduled program. This will ensure that we can have the gym open, and the equipment out in plenty of time.
  2. Responsible to sign users in the log book for contact tracing.
  3. Weekend supervisors will be required to unlock the school door and deactivate the security alarm at the front entrance if it is armed. You will have 30 seconds to deactivate the alarm. Do not prop open the door. The door should be unlocked 15 minutes prior to the scheduled activity. If there is a public event with general admission times, it is recommended that two supervisors are on duty, one at the door, and one in the event area.
  4. Responsible for checking bookings at the beginning of each shift.
  5. Responsible to check equipment to be used for the day/evening in time for the groups participating. Ensure equipment is set out, if required.

Supervising Activities

  1. Ensures Activity Sign-in sheets are used for all participating groups.
  2. Responsible to restrict participant access to areas of the facility not booked for community use.
  3. Required to fill out Inspection Report during shift.
  4. Ensures that equipment is used as intended (ie: basketballs are not to be kicked). Supervisors are prohibited to move furniture and equipment not used for our programs.
  5. Reports any damage to equipment or the facility on the Damage Report Form. Records any accidents on the Accident Report Form.
  6. Ensures that no participants are on the stage unless arranged otherwise. The stage is off-limits. All equipment on the stage is off-limits unless otherwise arranged. There will be no food allowed in the gymnasium at any point.
  7. Constant monitoring of the halls and activity areas is necessary to ensure people are not in restricted areas. Make yourself seen. Supervisors are not to stay in one section of the facility for an extended period of time (5-10 minutes max.) Supervision is not demanding at times but is still a big responsibility.
  8. Do not open doors that are not required to be open.
  9. Must be polite, yet firm, when asking people to stay away from off-limit areas.
  10. Responsible to keep activities running on schedule. Ensure groups are wrapping up in plenty of time for the next group to begin.
  11. At the end of each booking, ensure equipment is put back the way it was found.


  1. At the end of the shift, check all internal doors to make sure they are closed and locked if need be. Check all doors leading to the outside, as the alarm will not activate if one is open. This includes all areas of the school.
  2. Flush Toilets/Urinals and turn off the lights you turned on.
  3. On the weekend, check the school for remaining people. Tell them, if present, you are leaving and all community users have gone. Do not set the alarm if others are in the building (teacher, janitor, etc.). They will do so when they leave. You must lock the door!
  4. If you are the last one out on the weekend, lock the door and set the alarm.
  5. During the week, custodians are there to clean and lock up, so tell them when you are leaving once the community groups have left.

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