Leif Erikson Park Trail (Cape Forchu)

The Leif Erikson Park, a new development of walking paths, picnic sites, and benches with views, located at the southern tip of the site, is surrounded by water and affords a great photo opportunity to watch sunset. From Yarmouth take Hwy 304, 11km, follow Lighthouse signs.

Starting Point: Footpath starts on S side of bus parking.
Distance: 0.5 km
Time: Loop: 20 mins.
Description: Footpath, rocks, shore. One section of loop is crushed gravel and wheel-chair accessible.
Attractions: Seashore, pebble beach, lighthouse, Leif Erikson Park, museum (seasonal), picnic area, 3 look-offs.
Services: Washrooms, gift shop (seasonal).
GPS: Lat: 43°47.658, Lon: -66°9.2508

Yarmouth Waterfront and Road to Bunker Island (Town of Yarmouth)

This route, along the edge of Yarmouth harbour, offers a great place for long leisurely walks, jogs or strolls. Interpretive signage, wharves, parks, museums, shops and restaurants along the way, make the Yarmouth Waterfront and Road to Bunker Island an enjoyable afternoon for everyone. Don’t forget to check the tide times, and witness the incredible 4 to 5 meter tides in Yarmouth Harbour.

Starting Point: Parking in lot to L of West Nova Fuels, 211 Water St.
Route: Sidewalk going S along Water St. to Wastewater Treatment Plant. Follow section of Yarmouth Rail Trail along shore, at fork, keep R, at dirt road turn R and follow public road to end of causeway. Road beyond is private property.
Distance: 5 km
Time: 55 mins. (30 mins. to Treatment Plant, 15 mins. more to dirt road, 10 mins. to end of causeway)
Description: Linear. Sidewalks, rail trail and dirt road.
Attractions: Working waterfront. Interpretive panels. Seashore, pebble beach, seabirds.
Services: Café near beginning; washrooms at Killam’s Wharf (seasonal).
GPS: Lat: 43°50.7599, Lon: -66°7.05

Yarmouth Waterfront and Road to Bunker Island Map

Historic District Sea Captain’s Homes and Mercantile Heritage Walk (Town of Yarmouth)

Starting Point: Visitor Information Centre, 228 Main St., Parking.
Route: A brochure describing the route is available at the Yarmouth County Museum on Collins St. or the Visitor Information Centre at Forest St. and Main St. or Yarmouth Recreation at the Municipal Building in Hebron.
Distance: 4 km
Time: 1 hour
Description: Loop. Town sidewalks.
Attractions: Historic buildings.
Services: Washrooms at Visitor Information Centre, cafés along the way.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.974, Lon: -66°7.24

Historic District Sea Captain’s Homes and Mercantile Heritage Walk Map

7 Fountains Walk (Town of Yarmouth)

Starting Point: Red & White Store, 107 Main St., Parking.
Route: Red & White Store (F#1), Argyle St. head E, turn L onto William St., turn R onto Albert St., turn L onto Cottage Lane, cross Forest St. onto Aberdeen St., turn R onto Cliff St., next L onto Seminary St., turn R onto Parade St., head E to Mountain Cemetery (F#2 & 3). Return to Parade St. go W to Main St., turn R head N to Library (F#4), cross Main St. to Frost Park (F#5), return to Main St., go N along Main St. to intersection of Main St. and Chestnut St. (F#6). Turn L onto Water St., go S to “Lost at Sea” memorial (F#7), continue S along Water St. to Hueston St., turn L, to Main St. at Red & White Store.
Distance: 9 km
Time: 2 hours
Description: Loop. Town sidewalks.
Attractions: 7 fountains from 150 years old to present. Parks.
Services: Cafés, restaurants, library, museum.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.671, Lon: -66°7.248

Mountain Cemetery Loop (Town of Yarmouth)

Starting Point: Clements Ave. (N end of road), Parking.
Route: A brochure describing the cemetery is available at the Yarmouth Museum, the Visitor Information Center or at the cemetery office (seasonal, April to October). Clements Ave, head N along the Maud Lewis Trail to Starrs Road behind Subway, turn R along Starrs Road (hard shoulder, no sidewalk), go to Charles Crosby Dr., turn R and go around building on the L, go to Burton Ave., turn R going S to the cemetery; 2 options: keep R
(flat but wet) or go straight over the hill with view over Yarmouth, both options ending at Parade St., turn R go to Clements Ave. Possible extension: Various paths in the cemetery.
Distance: 2 km
Time: 25 mins.
Description: Loop. Unpaved. Wet sections. Alders. Treed cemetery. Sidewalk.
Attractions: Sacred location. Created in 1860, first burial is an 8 year old girl in 1861. Chapel, 2 fountains. Cemetery has old English beeches and huge Norway Spruce trees. View over town.
Services: Restaurants on Starrs Rd.
GPS: Lat: 43°50.268, Lon: -66°6.365

Broad Brook Wetland Park (Town of Yarmouth)

Starting Point: Forest St. Parking at ball fields (follow sign).
Route: At entrance there are 2 options: 1) footpath goes S to Southeast St., cross street and continue S to Argyle St. 2) continue R, side branch goes W to Pleasant St. at Albert St. A branch of the trail into the wetlands can be accessed from Southeast St.
Distance: 750 m to Argyle St., 400 m to Pleasant St.
Time: 10 mins. one way.
Description: Linear. Stone dust footpath, grassy footpath, partly follows Broad Brook.
Attractions: Interpretive signs. Wetland park established in 2013.
Services: None.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.8504, Lon: -66°6.564

Tkipok Trail (Arcadia)

From Yarmouth take Hwy 3 to Arcadia.

Starting Point: Arcadia School, 10177 Hwy 3, end of Parking lot.
Distance: 1 km
Time: 15 mins.
Description: Loop. 2 side paths, some outdoor exercise equipment, steps.
Attractions: Mixed forest, marsh boardwalk, 2 look-offs with benches.
Services: None.
GPS: Lat: 43°49.4682, Lon: -66°4.014

Forchu River Trail (Hebron)

From Yarmouth take Hwy 1 heading N, turn R onto Hwy 340, follow sign for Hebron Recreation Complex, on Cemetery Road, turn L to Hebron Recreation Complex.

Starting Point: Hebron Recreation Complex. Parking near garage at entrance.
Distance: 2 km
Time: 30 mins.
Description: Loop; gravel and boardwalks.
Attractions: Alders, riverside, mixed forest. Outdoor exercise equipment, tennis courts, softball fields, playground.
Services: Trail map at entrance. Public washrooms.
GPS: Lat: 43°53.7654, Lon: -66°5.2446

Chebogue Meadows Wildlife Interpretive Trail (Brooklyn)

From Yarmouth take the Hardscratch Rd., 8.6 km to trail.

Starting Point: Chebogue Meadows trail sign. Parking.
Distance: 4.5 km
Time: 1 hr 20 mins. + 20 mins. side spur.
Description: Linear, then loop; rough footpath, wet spots, boardwalks. Red markers on trees, keep L at fork. About 45 mins. at T-junction, keep R. At 50 mins. side spur to look-off over river, linear (10 mins.); finish loop, linear trail now has yellow markers. During hunting season (Sept to March) it is recommended to wear hunter orange.
Attractions: Regenerating forest, wetlands. River, Two look-offs. Interpretive panels (keep in mind the forest is changing!)
Services: None.
GPS: Lat: 43°53.47602, Lon: -66°3.2709

Chebogue Meadows Wildlife Interpretive Trail Map

Ellenwood Lake Provincial Park (Deerfield)

From Yarmouth take Hardscratch Rd. go 18 km, turn R onto Hwy 340, go 1.7 km, turn R onto Saunders Rd., go 2.4 km, turn R onto Mood Rd. Proceed to park entrance at 1888 Mood Rd.

Starting Point: Lower Day Use Parking; green wood bridge. Parking at main entrance gate during off season.
Distance: 2 km
Time: Gate to Lower Day Use Parking: 15 mins.
Footpath loop: 30 mins.
Description: Forest footpath loop: hilly, wet spots. Follow yellow markers on trees, keep R at fork. There are several loops around campground. Attractions: Mixed forest. Lake with sand beach.
Services: Camping and boat launch (seasonal). Park is closed to vehicles from after Thanksgiving to the long weekend in May. During this time the “Friends of Ellenwood Park” open the “ski hut” on various Sunday afternoons (check their website for times and outdoor activities), follow road to campsites. Outhouse.
GPS: Lat: 43°55.743, Lon: -66°0.312

Yarmouth Rail Trail (Yarmouth Municipality – Multi-Region)

Rail Trail from Shelburne County to Digby County. Shared-use, OHVs allowed.
Starting Points with Parking (see regional map):

South Route (Town of Yarmouth, Arcadia, Tusket, Argyle, Pubnico to Shelburne County)

Parking in Town of Yarmouth:

  • Water St. (South end) at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, proceed L along shore to fork, keep L, cross Chebogue Rd.
    • GPS: Lat: 43°49.4742, Lon: -66°7.450799
  • On Regent St.
    • GPS: Lat: 43°49.0515, Lon: -66°6.58608

Parking in Municipality of Yarmouth:

  • Arcadia School in Arcadia (on Hwy 3 walk in direction of Yarmouth Town, 500 m to trail crossing).
    • GPS: Lat: 43°49.46819, Lon: -66°4.014
  • On Egypt Rd.
    • GPS: Lat: 43°50.27778, Lon: -66°1.51044

North route (Town of Yarmouth, Hebron, South Ohio, Norwood to Digby County)

Parking in Town of Yarmouth:

  • Water St. in un-paved lot (private owner agreement) to left of West Nova Fuels.
    • GPS: Lat: 43°50.7599, Lon: -66°7.05
  • Prospect St. parking lot nearest trail.
    • GPS: Lat: 43°51.40728, Lon: -66°6.6783

Distance: 87 km in Yarmouth County
Time: XX
Description: Linear. Stone dust, mostly even. Old rail bed. During hunting season (Sept to March) it is recommended to wear hunter orange.
Attractions: Forest, wetlands, back yards, benches.
Services: Tim Horton’s (washrooms), South Ohio Esso Station (washrooms)

Yarmouth Rail Trail
Rail Trail Map