A In House Scavenger Hunt!

Link to Facebook event! https://fb.me/e/4SQtcm5F5

Where: In your house with your family bubble.
How: We will be doing a Facebook live to release the questions, this challenge is in three parts, find 8 things in real time. Two additional sections to be released within the Facebook live, and you have until Sunday to complete!
Once you have completed what you can email your PHOTOS to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca
Cost: FREE!
Please register!

Bonus points: Hilarious Team Name (+10) & Team Costumes (+10)
If the form above isn’t working please email Sara the following information:

Seniors Fitness with Sara @ the Mariners Centre

Come join Sara at the Mariners Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Sara has worked with seniors for the past 10+ years through personal training/fitness classes, as well as running physical adaptive programs in Long Term Care & Residential Care facilities in Nova Scotia as well as in the Northwest Territories. 

Seniors Fitness Level 1 is a chair based program and can be done sitting or standing – we will work with you to keep you comfortable, active and will adapt the program to your own needs on an individual basis. Majority of this program is stretching and body weight exercises – and low intensity cardio.

Seniors Fitness Level 2 is the step up from Level 1. In this program we will be working more with resistance bands/light weights, higher reps and more of an overall body resistance workout. We will adjust the program to make sure you are getting a great workout and within your levels of comfort – and make sure you get that heart rate up!

We hope to see you soon!


A New Walking Challenge: Yarmouth NS, to Yarmouth ME

Since we had so much good feedback in regards to Walk Fundy we wanted to send out a new challenge to our community to keep you active!

The goal this time is to walk all the way to Yarmouth, ME.
The step goal can be completed if you walk 10k steps daily in 155.5 Days (Total steps would be 1,555,000 per participant, with 1244km completed). We will set our end date as September 30.
This time we want to HELP the community even more, we have a Facebook group for more of a community feel, with updates, as well as different activities we plan to incorporate into the program.
Click HERE for our Facebook group!

As usual we will be asking for registration so we can stay in contact with you throughout the duration of this program – and there’s no fee! We will continue to send out kudos and achievements throughout the week and ask for step submissions to be placed on Friday evenings – this will mean the first week will run April 1 until April 2, and the rest will run Saturday through to Friday.
Click HERE for Registration!
Click HERE for Step Submission form!

If you have any questions regarding this program please reach out to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca we are looking forward to keeping you all active, and hoping some new active members will join us in our challenge! 

We would also like to extend a welcome to the community of Yarmouth, ME and look forward to having you included in this program as well!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! If you aren’t from the area and want to use Yarmouth to Yarmouth to hold you accountable please join us! (You must be registered to win!)

Handy gadgets to have (these make counting steps easier, but these are not necessary for you to take part in the program):
Step counter on your mobile
Apple watch
Samsung watch
Garmen Tracker
Another way to track is to map your walks via google maps (and its free!)
For a sport conversion chart to add in your steps from different activities click HERE.

Good-luck and have fun! With warmer weather on the way we are looking forward to seeing even more people outside and active on our trails!

Easter Egg Hunt!

Can you find the eggs hidden around Frost Park? Come and take a look! 10 egg maximum for all children. Special prize for whoever finds the prize egg!

Who: Kids ages 3-10 and their families (Supervision is required)
Where: Frost Park on April 1.
When: Starts promptly at 4pm.
Fee: Does it cost anything? No! It’s free! Just remember to register as we have a limit for participants.
What: We will have small stuffed eggs hidden for the kids to find, and a bonus prize!
How: Register by clicking the link provided!

Click HERE to register.

March Break Activities!

Wondering what’s going on over March Break? We have a list of activities ready for you!

Good-Bye Winter – Hello Spring!
Our community partners at Friends of Ellenwood Park are holding a week long scavenger hunt for you to do on your own time,  throughout the week of March 15th-19th. Gift Card prizes will be awarded to the lucky winners of this challenge. For more information please click the link below.

Free Skate & Free Sledge
We will be partnering with The Municipality of Argyle to offer a Free Skate and a Free Sledge program – Stay Tuned for updates on these programs!
Dates: Thursday March 18th & Friday March 19th. Call Argyle Recreation to secure your spot for sledge! 902-648-3379

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Free Sledge is March 18!

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March Break Activity Groups
We are also having activities for kids – these programs will run 10-12pm Monday to Wednesday for children ages 5-8, and afternoon programs will run 2-4pm for ages 9-12. We have limited spots so it is a first come first serve basis, we will contact you by Wednesday March 10th with a confirmation of your spot.
These programs cost $10 per child. We will email you with payment details in addition to your confirmation email.

Please click the links below for the registration form.


Registration Link for Ages 5-8
Registration Link for Ages 9-12

After the Bell 2021

Hello everyone!

We are opening up  registration for After the Bell! We are looking to start the program during March break – but we need numbers to decide how many days we will offer and how many people per group we can take. This will be a little different than before but we are going to make it work – and we can’t wait to see you!

Things that will change – we will be following Covid restrictions and going with them as the year finishes, we will be increasing cleaning, and sanitizing just like everyone else. We will also be working with groups of 10 – what this means is if we have high registration we will be creating bubbles and potentially be having multiple nights of the program to make sure everyone can participate!

Please bear with us as we try to reprogram for the current Covid situation, we will be in contact once you have registered to cover any of the questions or final stages of the planning. We need a head count first for interest!

If you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca 

Program is open to Maple Grove girls between grade 6-8.

Click the photo below to be taken to the registration!