Summer Camp Registration

Welcome to Summer!
Below you should find all the information you need in regards to Summer Camps. Both camps are $25 per day, and start July 14th – the hours are 8am-5pm, with a half hour from 8-8:30am for drop-off and 4:30-5pm for pickup. For each camp we ask to have the children bring their lunches (nut free!), sunscreen, a change of clothes, a hat, a bathing suit, and towel – as well as anything they might need throughout the day. All programs listed below are subject to change based on NS Health Restrictions as well as the weather – if its hot we might move from the scheduled program and do some water games or walk to Lake Milo depending on restrictions.

Summer Fun Day Camp – If your child is 4 and turning 5 this summer they can attend our Summer Fun Day Camp. You can find the registration link HERE. Please fill out ONE form per child as we need all information for every child. We will not be confirming your spot same day, please bear with us as we have many registrations coming through and need time to process and fit the children in their desired programs. 

Sports Camp – If your child is 9-12 they can participate in Sports Camp which you can find the registration link for HERE. Please fill out ONE form per child as we need all information for every child. We will not be confirming your spot same day, please bear with us as we have many registrations coming through and need time to process and fit the children into their desired programs.

Schedules are listed below in PDF if you haven’t seen those yet. You can also call to register but we would prefer you to fill out the online form as it is time stamped and helps us determine where the child will fit. We will be sending out confirmation emails by the end of the week to confirm or ask you if there are alternate days you would like your child to attend if they are already filled up. 

Summer Camp Schedule

💥💥💥Summer Camp Update💥💥💥
Below are our programs for Summer Fun (ages 5-8 if you have a child attending school in the fall that is currently 4 they can also register), Sports Camp (Ages 9-12).
👉We will be releasing the registration Monday June 21 @ 8am. This is a first come first serve basis, we will not be sending out confirmation emails same day, please keep an eye on your email. We will try to do this as swiftly as possible so you can confirm your summer plans. Registration can also be done over the phone but we would prefer you to use the online form so we have time stamped entries, our phones are very busy with bookings. The form will be released here on FB as well as on our website.
👉Please fill out one form per child, we need birth dates as well as photo release and emergency care consent for EACH child.
👉Cost is $25 per day, and camps run 8-5 with pickup and drop off times included in that timeframe.
We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to working with your children this summer! 🌞

For PDF Versions of our schedules

Summer Camp Update

💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥Summer Camp Announcement!💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
All programs are first come first serve, we are working with limited numbers again this summer due to restrictions from the NS Government. Please bear with us and wait for your confirmation emails once you registered to see where your children fit during the registration process. Just because you registered for a certain day does not mean we will be able to fit you in. Registration is based on the time stamped completed form.
As well we will not be able to host a camp for junior leaders – we have had many people ask and we are sorry to have to remove this program for the summer of 2021. Unfortunately working within restrictions if we take on junior leaders we would have to take away spots from campers.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to


Creative Scavenger Hunt

Where: In your house with your family bubble, with additional parts that we encourage you to get into the outdoors socially distanced of course! (Stay in your local area as per NS Health Restrictions)
How: We will be doing a Facebook live to release the questions, this challenge is in three parts, as was the at home scavenger hunt, the parts are:
Can you find these objects?
Time to get creative!
Think outside the box!
You have until Sunday @ midnight to complete!
It is helpful to be in teams of 2 or more, but if you’d like to participate alone that’s fine too!
Once you have completed what you can email your PHOTOS to
Cost: FREE!
Event Link:

5 Uplifting Things to Know About Dementia – Free Webinar Monday May 31 @ 12pm!

This “general interest” webinar is a positive introduction to brain change. Using examples of art, music and poetry, we will uncover some of the creative potential that comes along with a dementia diagnosis.
Catherine Livingstone is the Founder of The Opal Season Company, a dementia care consultancy that helps families design positive engagement opportunities for people living with dementia. She is a Certified Dementia Care Provider, with experience working as a Recreation Coordinator in Long Term Care. As well, she is certified with the Positive Approach to Care methodology pioneered by dementia expert Teepa Snow out of the US, and volunteers with the Alzheimer Society. Catherine has been honored to work with families, community organizations, faith groups and researchers across Canada, as well as in the US, the UK and New Zealand to discover what it means to be dementia-inclusive.
This webinar is a collaboration between Yarmouth Municipality Senior Safety, Yarmouth Recreation, and The Opal Season Company. 
For the Event link click HERE
Thank you to Catherine Livingstone for facilitating this webinar.
To register please reach out to
Or click HERE