Volunteer Week Nominations

We need your help!
We are seeking Volunteer nominations from local organizations and individuals for Volunteer Week Celebrations 2021!
If you know someone that you would like to nominate, all you have to do is fill out the form below – We need a brief description of the person’s volunteer activities.. that’s it! It’s Easy!
Complete this online form or call our office to receive a copy to print.
Deadline to submit is Friday, February 26th @ 12pm.

Heritage Day Walk

For Heritage Day this year we are changing things up!

We will be releasing our trail map on Social Media by February 11th. The trail will be marked with different heritage day trivia for you to answer, and submit to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca by February 19th.

The Heritage Day Trivia Trail can be walked any time during the 12th-15th so we have less people grouped together at one time, keep in mind if you meet another group we will be asking you to follow social distancing rules – we want you to be active, but keeping in mind the current pandemic we also want you to be safe.

For bonus points we will be asking people to dress in Red and White, and/or any Canadian swag they have, take pictures and submit these to Sara when you submit your answers – as it is also National Flag of Canada day!

Have fun, be safe, get active!


What is Walk Fundy?

Walk Fundy is a walking program to help you get your steps in and keep you accountable as New Years Resolutions are made, and help you kick start your activity for 2021! We will be walking the approximate coastal distance from Yarmouth, NS to the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick Border!

The Bay of Fundy is approximately 550km from Yarmouth, NS to the Nova Scotia/New Brunswick Border – this is our target. 

Program will run from January 1 – March 31! (NO FEE)

Goal Setting!
Recommended steps daily is 10,000 

1km = 1250 steps
Daily your goal would be to hit 10k steps, or 8km.
To complete your 550km goal it would take you around 69 days. Walk at your speed, or increase your goal steps to complete it quicker, have fun and enjoy getting those steps in!

Handy gadgets to have (these make counting steps easier, but these are not necessary for you to take part in the program):
Step counter on your mobile
Apple watch
Samsung watch
Garmen Tracker

Another way to track is to map your walks via google maps (and its free!)

There will be prizes for the first THREE people who complete and submit their step forms first (via email) to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca 

Your Step goal is: 687,500
Your KM Goal is: 550km
Track however you’d like, forms are linked below!

If you aren’t from the area and want to use Walk Fundy to hold you accountable please join us! (Prizes only to people within Yarmouth Municipality and the Town of Yarmouth*)