Welcome to our Healthy Lifestyle Challenge!


Congratulations for completing a year of walking programs through Yarmouth Recreation! We started off with Walk Fundy, then moved into Yarmouth to Yarmouth, into the Trail Walk Challenge and watched people increase their activity and commit to themselves for a full year! And we are SO PROUD of you!

So what makes this Challenge different?

We are increasing your step goal per day to 12,000. Physical Activity Guidelines have steps listed at 10,000 per day – which is still an amazing goal! But – it’s been a year, its time to spice things up a little.

We will also be including a healthy recipe component, we want YOU to submit your healthy recipes or things you think would be delicious and healthy, maybe a little deviation from your current diet – and help people become more aware of healthier nutrition choices. One of Sara’s favorite sayings is “you can’t out train a bad diet.” So if you’re going to put in the work, you need to fuel that body with some good nutrients. We do not have a dietitian on staff so this is just a loose interpretation of healthier meals, we want to help you but you should consult a professional if you have more complex needs or questions. Where to submit these recipes? Right in our Facebook Walking Group

Not sure if you want to join or think these goals are too much? Don’t worry about that! We still want to help, increase your step count by 100 per day, and slowly work your way up. The best part about these challenges are that you get to pace yourself for your own activity level. 
Do only walks count? No – all activity that you can track counts, whatever your fitness tracker, phone or pedometer counts during the day is what you submit as your days total.
How do submissions work? There will be a form linked at the bottom of this blog (we will also include a link on the Facebook Group that you can access) that will link you to a form with Fridays listed until April 1, all you do is submit your total for the week – the previous Saturday through to Friday evening. Once the submissions are sent in we will put all the data on a spreadsheet and share that with you, while helping motivate as you move through milestones. 

How to sign up? All you have to do is click THIS LINK and fill out the form, late to sign up? Not an issue, we still want to help you so just start submitting your steps when you decide to join this journey with us!

Form for submissions? RIGHT HERE.

Link to spreadsheet? RIGHT HERE

Questions? Send Sara an email sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca 

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