A New Walking Challenge: Yarmouth NS, to Yarmouth ME

Since we had so much good feedback in regards to Walk Fundy we wanted to send out a new challenge to our community to keep you active!

The goal this time is to walk all the way to Yarmouth, ME.
The step goal can be completed if you walk 10k steps daily in 155.5 Days (Total steps would be 1,555,000 per participant, with 1244km completed). We will set our end date as September 30.
This time we want to HELP the community even more, we have a Facebook group for more of a community feel, with updates, as well as different activities we plan to incorporate into the program.
Click HERE for our Facebook group!

As usual we will be asking for registration so we can stay in contact with you throughout the duration of this program – and there’s no fee! We will continue to send out kudos and achievements throughout the week and ask for step submissions to be placed on Friday evenings – this will mean the first week will run April 1 until April 2, and the rest will run Saturday through to Friday.
Click HERE for Registration!
Click HERE for Step Submission form!

If you have any questions regarding this program please reach out to sara@district.yarmouth.ns.ca we are looking forward to keeping you all active, and hoping some new active members will join us in our challenge! 

We would also like to extend a welcome to the community of Yarmouth, ME and look forward to having you included in this program as well!

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place! If you aren’t from the area and want to use Yarmouth to Yarmouth to hold you accountable please join us! (You must be registered to win!)

Handy gadgets to have (these make counting steps easier, but these are not necessary for you to take part in the program):
Step counter on your mobile
Apple watch
Samsung watch
Garmen Tracker
Another way to track is to map your walks via google maps (and its free!)
For a sport conversion chart to add in your steps from different activities click HERE.

Good-luck and have fun! With warmer weather on the way we are looking forward to seeing even more people outside and active on our trails!


  1. I registered, then clicked on steps…do I only fill that out at the end and send it in?

    • Hi Barb, you submit your steps weekly, as it says in the post. The first submission will be April 1&2, the following will be from the Saturday previous to the Friday, submissions come in on Friday evenings once your steps are counted – or Saturday without the tally from the weekend. 🙂

      Hope that helps!
      – Sara

  2. Sarah can you still register for the Easter Egg hunt… I tried to register but it said it was no longer taking any submissions… I wanted to register my 9 Year old grandson Chris…

  3. Hi, where can I get the step counting sheets, cannot get them printed off at Staples, and I have no printer

    • you can give us a call @ 742-8868 and pick them up at the Municipal office in Hebron (Back Door) we just need to know what time you’re coming so someone’s in the office.

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