Steps to Connect


Steps to Connect is a program designed to help people living with chronic conditions take steps to connect to themselves, the people around them and their community.  This program is offered over 3 sessions that are 2 hours in length.



-Session 1 of 3, Tuesday, January 9th , 5:45pm to 7:45pm or Saturday, January 20th , 10am to 12pm

-Session 2 of 3, Tuesday, January 16th , 5:45pm to 7:45pm or Saturday, January 27th , 10am to 12pm

-Session 3 or 3, Tuesday, January 23rd , 5:45pm to 7:45pm or Saturday, February 3rd , 10am to 12pm

***Steps to Connect is a recreation-based education program, delivered by trained facilitators.  The program is intended to help people learn ways to connect to their community through recreation.  In the Steps to Connect Program, participants will plan and coordinate a safe group activity that will take place during Session 2 of the 3-session program.  Steps to Connect will help individuals rediscover what matters in their life and find out how recreation and social activities can help them live well with their condition.

**The goals of the program are to: Recognize personal assets that can be cultivated in/through recreation.  Experience the potential of recreation for contributing to and connecting with others in the community.  Discover ways to connect with one’s neighborhood and community.  This program is FREE.  We will be running 2 consecutive programs, Tuesday evenings or Saturday Mornings.

*Please call Yarmouth Recreation, 902-742-8868 to register.  For more information you can also contact Danielle Chitty, Program Coordinator, at 902-648-0038 or e-mail:

This program is supported by the Chronic Disease Innovation Fund, Yarmouth County Community Health Board, Community Partners, Western Counties Regional Library Yarmouth, Yarmouth Recreation, NSCC Burridge and Dalhousie University

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