1. The PEB delegations won 1st place at Les jeux de l’Acadie for mini handball and girls volleyball and represented NS at Les grandes jeux de l’Acadie in Fedrection, NB.
    As well, the U13 girls team Muise from the South West Fusion Volleyball Club won a silver medal at Nationals.
    Lease let me know if someone has sent in the info. If not, I can get the forms filled out.

    • Hi Jolynn,
      I will check into that with both departments and let you know. Thank you for responding! 🙂


    • Fast news – If you could please send the information from SW Fusion, that would be great. Les jeux de l’Acadie results are being shared already. Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for sharing these accomplishments! 🙂

      • My daughter received a letter inviting her to the awards banquet for Fusion volleyball so I’m assuming you received the info. Just making sure that someone sent in the info for Les Jeux de L’Acadie girls volleyball and mini handball.

        • Argyle Recreation always received that information as someone in the organization works in the Municipal Office. I will verify with them that your daughter’s accomplishments have been forwarded to them as well. 🙂

          • HI Jolynn, Argyle Rec has all the information but just has not sent out the invites yet. You should see them in the next little bit. 🙂

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