50+ Swims

Join Friends for a splash at the Rodd Grand Hotel Pool!Senior swimming

Wednesdays, every second week (almost) throughout the year.

Upcoming Winter/Spring Dates:

January 15, 29

February 12, 26

March 11, 25

April 8, 22

May 6, 20

June 3, 17


Free Program! We appreciate the Rodd Grand Hotel providing this facility so seniors may live more active, healthy lives.

Volunteer Week Celebrations!

Volunteer inforgraphic
We need your help! We are seeking Volunteer nominations from local organizations and individuals for Volunteer Week Celebrations 2020!
If you know someone that you would like to nominate, all you have to do is fill out the form below!  We need a brief description of the person’s volunteer activities..that’s it!
It’s Easy!
Complete this online form or call our office to receive a copy to print:
Info? contact Gail Muise at Yarmouth Recreation: gail@district.yarmouth.ns.ca 
Nomination Deadline: 12:00pm on Wednesday, February 19th .
Thank you in advance!

Got snow? Try our Cross Country Skis or Snowshoes!

We (Heart) Snow!Yarmouth Recreation has a variety of cross country ski equipment as well as snowshoes to fit almost any member of your family! With the snow starting to fall, think about dropping by our office and getting outfitted to try out a fun new winter activity! FREE!

Office hours are 8:30-4:30, M-F and you can drop in and select your equipment and take it to try anywhere! Our trails, parks and backyards make wonderful new adventures in the snow!

The Friends of Ellenwood also have skis and snowshoes available for use in the park along with kilometers of groomed trails! They maintain cabin hours every weekend there is snow on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm. Check out their website for more information and follow them on Facebook.

Are you interested in some ski instruction? Sign up with Yarmouth Recreation and once we get a good snow forecast and can schedule a course , we will give you a call. Our cross country ski courses are great no matter your age and ability, come with all equipment, and are completely free of charge!

Yarmouth Recreation is Hiring!

Yarmouth Recreation is looking for a positive, energetic person to fill the full time position of Active Living Coordinator.

Under the direction of the Director of Yarmouth Recreation, the Active Living Coordinator will be responsible for responding to the increasing diverse needs and opportunities available to our community surrounding physical activity and health and wellness. Working through the lens of reducing barriers, especially in underserved populations, and promoting fairness, the Active Living Coordinator will work to create strategies, programs and initiatives that focus on increasing physical activity levels and opportunities and make policy recommendations.

Full details are available here.

On the 3rd Day of Holiday Fun…

Discover 3 games from around the world!


Also known as Ten Ten. Players stand facing each other ,clapping their hands and moving their legs to a rhythm. They must ensure they don’t raise a leg directly facing the other opponent – which means it is OK for a player to raise a left leg when the other raises a right leg. Once a girl or boy raises the wrong leg, the other girl scores a point. Other hand-clapping games are also popular in Nigerian playgrounds – watch this group of children demonstrate one here.

Greece: Statues

Canadian children may not be familiar with the classic Discus Thrower, but Greek children have access to some amazing marble statues that date to ancient times. After a trip to the museum, it’s only natural that they would incorporate some of these awe-inspiring characters into an imaginative game.

Players: Four or more; ages 4 and up

How to Play: Choose one player to be “It” and have her stand, eyes covered, in the center of a large, open playing field. She starts to count, at least to 10, but she can go higher. The point is that there’s no set ending number; only “It” knows when she’ll stop and open her eyes. While “It” is counting, the others scatter around, never sure when she’ll yell “Agalmata!” (That’s “statue” in Greek. Tell kids to yell it to be authentic, or to just say “statue” if that’s easier.) On this cue, players freeze, taking on poses that mimic famous statues. They can pull from any statue they’ve ever seen a photo of — a javelin thrower, The Thinker, even the Statue of Liberty. Kids are allowed to use found items, such as sticks, a ball, or a Frisbee, to add a touch of realism. “It” tags any statues that are moving — they’re out — then tries to make the steady ones laugh or move. The last player remaining composed is the winner and becomes the new “It.” This game is great for practicing balance.

Malaysia: Turtle’s Nest

One player is chosen to be the TURTLE and guards the “eggs” (stones).  The other players try to snatch the stones before the TURTLE tags them.  The first person to get tagged must become the next TURTLE.  The “eggs” that are taken, are then hidden in different places for the TURTLE to find.

Each day from December 12 – 24, Yarmouth Recreation will share an activity through our website, Facebook pageInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.  Join in on your favorite channel.  For every comment about the activity, we will put your name in a draw for a family fun prize pack valued at $100. If you share/tag us in an image of you and your family doing an activity, you will get 5 prize entries that day! Enter as often as you wish and for as many days as you can!

On the First Day of …

No matter how much or little time you have, you can always pull off a fun scavenger hunt!

Outdoors you can search for natural items, or even sights and sounds like animal prints and bird calls. 

Inside you can set up themed hunts or even get the kids to set up clues for each other! Want the kids entertained away from the screens for a while? Turn off the lights after dark and place Christmas bows around a room and give them each a flashlight to search.

Tell us about your favorite hunts in the comments section or tag us on Instagram or Facebook @Yarmouth Recreation!