ATB Outdoor Club

New this year and free to ALL Maple Grove students, the ATB Outdoor Club will meet every Tuesday in November to have fun doing outdoor activities, create activities to introduce younger kids to nature, and develop epic outdoor games to play with their friends and club-mates. Pick up a permission form at the office at Maple Grove or complete it here and bring it to school.

Introduce kids to a love of nature and the outdoors!



Build a real-life version of your favourite online games!









Pick up will be at the school at the bell in the lobby and we will be working out of the Hebron Recreation Complex. Pick up is back at the school at 5:30pm. Tuesdays, November 6, 13, 20, & 27. All FREE of charge. Healthy snacks included. Email for more information.

Over 200 attended the 14th annual Jack-O-Lantern Parade!

Girls in Wednesday costume and skeleton boy

Even Cousin It came out!

Over 200 goblins, princesses, and frightful creatures braved the rain and paraded down Main St on Monday, October 29th as part of the annual Jack-O-Lantern Parade. Some hopped in puddles and many huddled under umbrellas but everyone wore a smile!


It was very hard to choose from the amazing costumes and themes. A favourite is families that dress together! Most Spooktacular choices this year were:

  • The Foote Family as the crew from Peter Pan
  • Mikael and Nicole Caux with the Epic Fortnite Loot
  • Koen Pfeiao as the Paw Patrol Fire Fighter
  • Aislynn Bonnafant as Little Red and her pumpkins
  • Samantha Nickerson is Who You’re Gonna Call!


  • Who You Gonna Call?
    Who You Gonna Call?
  • Cruella just needed some friends!
    Cruella just needed some friends!
  • My spidey sense is tingling
    My spidey sense is tingling
  • This is NOT one of the Aliens from M.Night Shamalan's
    This is NOT one of the Aliens from M.Night Shamalan's "Signs".
  • A family who flies together, stays together. You just need a little pixie dust!
    A family who flies together, stays together. You just need a little pixie dust!
  • We don't need to call 911 for this on duty patrol.
    We don't need to call 911 for this on duty patrol.
  • Taking the Jack-O-Lanterns to Grandmother's house
    Taking the Jack-O-Lanterns to Grandmother's house
  • Even the small flying creatures wiwthstood the rain
    Even the small flying creatures wiwthstood the rain
  • The Cider is hot!
    The Cider is hot!



A HUGE thank you goes out to the Rodd Grand Hotel for hosting the party after the parade, The RCMP and Yarmouth Fire Department for providing a safe parade route, and all the families who came out even in the rain to enjoy spending time celebrating the season! We can’t wait to see everyone next year!

Thank you to the RCMP!

Baby dressed like jack o lantern

We think this one is ripe 🙂

On the Trail Family Fun Activities

Hiking with kids is good for a variety of reasons and opens up a whole new world to explore. Most of the time can be spent simply seeing, smelling, hearing, touching and, ..well maybe not tasting, your new surroundings. Coming across small wildlife, beautiful flowers, peculiar insects while navigating different terrain is very exciting for all ages!

Sometimes we need ideas to encourage children to explore in a different way. In our Family Fun Hike series we lead a number of mini-games along the way to look at nature in a different way. Our Fall Family Fun Hikers tried a few activities this October in Ellenwood Provincial Park:

Caterpillar Search 

A photo scavenger hunt from a caterpillars view on the world.

We took several close-up photos of things we can find along the trail. Each child was provided a sheet and crayon to check them off. Kids love to talk about what the world would look like it they were very small. Get down and close to natural spaces along the trail and imagine where you would live, what you would eat and what kind of fun things might you do?


Meet a Tree Friend

You will need to pair up for this and you will need one vision mask (a sleep mask from the $$ Store will do the trick).

One person should put the mask on while their partner scopes out a tree close by (don’t let them know which one you pick!)

Take your masked partner carefully over to your selected tree and introduce them. You can make up cool names, of course, and any other personality info you like. The masked partner should to know the tree by touching the bark, feeling the ground near, the tree, smelling any smells, etc.  Go back to your start point on the trail and remove the mask.  Can you find the tree you just met?

Switch places and meet a new tree friend!

Paint Nature with Nature 

You won’t need a paintbrush – just your imagination!

There are some blank canvasses that need your artistic talents! Select natural objects from the space around (please don’t take anything something is still using! Like bark from a living tree) and “paint” a picture in the frame.






Please tell us about your experience if you try these activities with your kids! What are your favorite places to explore?  Watch for our Family Fun November Hike to be scheduled soon!

Jack-O-Lantern Parade

14th Annual Jack-O-Lantern Parade

All parents and children are invited to come to our 14th Annual Jack-o-Lantern Parade on Monday, Oct. 29th

Family costume theme Arkham

Something wicked his way comes!

2018.  This is a walking parade! We will gather at 6:15 pm at the Visitor Info Centre on Main Street. Dress up and bring your flashlights, jack-o-lanterns (wagons are permitted) and join us for an evening of fun while getting some physical activity!

Family Prize Packs for MOST SPookTACULAR!!!

Participants will start at the Tourist Bureau and walk down Main Street, to end at the Rodd Grand Hotel. A HUGE thank you to the Grand management and staff for providing an indoor space to celebrate!
Following the parade there will be hot apple cider, treats for children, music and award presentations! Parents must accompany children & we encourage everyone to wear light colored clothes for safety.



Fire Safety Tip: Use battery powered candles in your Jack-O-Lanterns: your pumpkins will last longer and you don’t have to worry about the flame!  Never leave a candle unattended!

Yarmouth County Athletic Awards

We need your help!! We are planning once again for the 42nd Annual Yarmouth County Athletic Awards Ceremony.
Can you please let us know about any teams/individuals that have won at Provincials or Higher in the past year?

We are also looking for nominations for Special Awards:

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.
~William James

□ Male & Female Athlete of the Year
□ Male & Female Youth Athlete of the Year
□ Male & Female Coach of the year
□ Male & Female Official of the Year
□ Male & Female Fair Play Award
□ Male & Female Volunteer of the Year

42nd Annual Yarmouth County Athletic Awards Ceremony, is Friday, November 30th, 7:00pm, at Ecole Secondaire de Par en Bas.


Each year since 1976, coaches, athletes, sport volunteers and officials have been recognized for their outstanding achievements at our annual Yarmouth County Athletic Awards. Yarmouth County athletes, volunteers, coaches, officials and teams that have attained a provincial title in a sport or who have distinguished themselves in a specific sport at the University, College, Atlantic, or National level.
Please contact Yarmouth Recreation at 742-8868
or the Argyle Recreation Department at 648-3379 for nomination or more information.

Complete the form below or download the nomination form here

After the Bell is back!

Yarmouth Recreation is very excited to once again offer an After the Bell program for girls attending Maple Grove Education Centre and YCMHS! This program will take place on Wednesdays after school mostly at the Hebron Recreation Complex, and when they are off site, transportation will be provided to and from the school. Leadership skill development included. The full fall calendar is available here.

Program Details

Days: Wednesdays: After school to 5:30– October 10, 2018 -June 19, 2019

Register – Call 742-8868, message us, or show up with completed form

Cost – FREE!!

Registration details required for participation. Forms are available at the office or online here. 

Pick up at Maple Grove OR check the late bus route from Maple Grove.  Pick up is at 5:30 prompt if not taking late bus (5:15).