On the 10th Day of Holiday Fun…

Be a leaping lord, lady or llama! 

One of the favorite games among our day campers is Jump The River where players take turns attempting to scale an ever widening “river” (two other players hold a line and move it away from the jump line).

Another favorite childhood game during stormy weather or early mornings was to take all the cushions off the couch and chairs (and you KNOW at this time of year there are lots of extra decorative pillows!) and make islands all over the floor and jump from one to another while avoiding sharks, lava, and other deadly imaginings.

Each day from December 12 – 24, Yarmouth Recreation will share an activity through our website, Facebook pageInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.  Join in on your favorite channel.  For every comment about the activity, we will put your name in a draw for a family fun prize pack valued at $100. If you share/tag us in an image of you and your family doing an activity, you will get 5 prize entries that day! Enter as often as you wish and for as many days as you can! Contest closes December 31st at midnight.

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