Open me! Recreation Advent Dec 4

Being outside feels good. Children are free to explore, move about, and make noise—all delightful forms of self-expression that are often restricted indoors. Being in nature enables children to run, jump, hop, skip, climb, roll, and shout, which reduces tension, anxiety, and restlessness.


Leaf scavenger hunt! For this all you need to do is go outside and look for as many different types of leaves you can find! You can take as little or as much time as you want and it can be done pretty much anywhere! Check out leaf scavenger hunt ideas for younger and older children our Pinterest board or share your own through our social  media channels!




Each day from December 1 – 24, Yarmouth Recreation will share an activity through our website,Facebook pageInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.  Join in on your favorite channel.  For every comment about the activity, we will put your name in a draw for a family fun prize pack valued at $100. If you share an image of you and your family doing an activity, you will get 5 prize entries that day! Enter as often as you wish and for as many days as you can!

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