ATB Outdoor Club

New this year and free to ALL Maple Grove students, the ATB Outdoor Club will meet every Tuesday in November to have fun doing outdoor activities, create activities to introduce younger kids to nature, and develop epic outdoor games to play with their friends and club-mates. Pick up a permission form at the office at Maple Grove or complete it here and bring it to school.

Introduce kids to a love of nature and the outdoors!



Build a real-life version of your favourite online games!









Pick up will be at the school at the bell in the lobby and we will be working out of the Hebron Recreation Complex. Pick up is back at the school at 5:30pm. Tuesdays, November 6, 13, 20, & 27. All FREE of charge. Healthy snacks included. Email for more information.


  1. i think the outdoor activity is great but do not approve of something that includes guns and shooting things, no matter what kind of fake gun it is and what computer game it follows. in my opinion this supports violence and in these days this is the last thing that needs to be encouraged. I know the kids play these online games and i have seen children play out the violence in real life because of it.

    • I agree that violence should never be the focus. We use these activities as a way to engage youth that we usually don’t see out at mainstream activities. By engaging kids through something they already do: online gaming and bringing it outdoors, we change the focus to physical activity, strategy development and creativity. When youth are supported by leadership that builds a safe supportive environment to try new things, their confidence grows and they are more likely to continue to engage in activities outside their comfort zone so essentially pulling them away from screens. Our version of the After the Bell program is highlighted at a provincial level as a best practice in youth engagement. You should definitely come out and see them in action sometime! 🙂

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