Free Play Gym Nights!

Free Play! Free Gym! Free Fun!

Free gym time with supervision will be available this fall and winter to school age children! Drop in and have fun with friends!

Port Maitland School 

Carleton School

Wednesdays from October 26th – December 21st.

Grades Primary – 3: 6 – 7pm

Grades 4-6: 7 – 8pm

Mondays  from November 7th – December 19th

Grades 4-6: 6 – 8pm



  1. Would love to see something done for central school, they may not have a gym but sure there could be something for Àlll ages

    • We would love to see something happen at Central! The funding used to create programs at Carleton and Port Maitland Schools is specifically to address facility access in rural communities but if a group of parents wanted to get together to form something to happen at another school it would be worth a chat with the principal. We can provide training to interested leaders as well as promotion to get started. 🙂

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