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You don't stop playing because you get older; you get older because you stop playing.

Facility Rentals

Call us for information on renting hall or gym space in one of our many facilities or community schools.

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Fall is a great time to explore!

Christmas Light Drive
Christmas Light Drive
Since the Halloween Light drive worked so well we decided to do the same thing for Christmas! Please submit your address to BEFORE 5pm December 11th! (Late entries will not be included on the map) We will release the map @ 12pm on the 14th of December!Β 
To Register for Sledge Hockey please click HERE If you have any questions please email What is Sledge Hockey?
Registration links below! These are NOT drop in programs, if you arrive without registering and no one is there we have cancelled the program because of lack of registration. To Register for HIIT, Tababata, or Virtual Reality Gaming please click HERE To Register for Creative Play (10 & Under) Please call (902) 742-8868 & ask…

Yarmouth Recreation

Yarmouth Recreation provides recreation programming and services for the residents of both the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth. Yarmouth Recreation is given direction and recommendations from the Recreation Committee. Yarmouth Recreation continuously strives to improve the quality and condition of our facilities, to increase the availability of recreation and leisure programming for area residents, and to ensure optimal customer service.


Yarmouth Recreation is committed to ensuring suitable, safe facilities that are available for a variety of recreational pursuits within the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth. The department satisfies this commitment through the development of facilities, creating partnerships for access to facilities and through assisting other organizations in developing facilities for recreation purposes.


Yarmouth Recreation is also committed to providing and informing residents of the multitude of quality recreation and leisure programs that exist within our community. In addition to our own programs, there are many organizations providing opportunities for the people of the area. Yarmouth Recreation is pleased to be able to offer information on a wide variety of these opportunities through our web site, and to partner with other providers of community based recreational programs. As an effort to increase participation in recreation and leisure activity, we are committed to breaking down barriers to program participation.